Friday, October 21, 2011

WinSpinWin and Slots4Cash

I'm not sure if many of my readers have ever used these sites, but I have a feeling a lot of people in general are wondering what's going on with these sites and if they're getting paid.  Well, I was a member of both of them and I cashed out about a month and a half ago.  Once I cashed out, I never went back to the site until one day I remembered I had 21 bucks coming.  I went back last week and it said my payment was processed so I waited patiently.  Well, I got my surprise today in the mail!  So I decided to go back to the site since now I felt a little more comfortable with it since I got paid.  Then I was greeted with this.
This seemed to have come out of left field.  Then I remember Slots4Cash was the same company and I hadn't quite made enough on there to cash out.  My visit to that site gave me the same message only with the different name. 

I'm not sure what happened to them, but it was probably something to do with all the people screaming scam on multiple sites due to not getting credited their spins.  This is the main reason I NEVER pay for anything on these sites.  I was lucky enough to always get youtube videos/commercials to watch.  Anyways, if you were able to cash out before this happened then feel safe that you will probably get your payment, since I did receive mine even though it took a while to get here.  If you were unlucky enough to not cash out, then you're pretty much out of luck and wasted that time.

Because I'm always looking for ways to make money, I tried these sites, but I generally wouldn't reccommend  them.  They take too much time and you have to spread your info all over the globe to who knows what.  It's not worth the risk.  Better options are legitimate survey sites like Synovate or doing focus group surveys.

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  1. I did the winspinwin one too.I got the cashout amount so quickly, I was sure it was a scam.But I got my visa gift card in the mail yesterday =) Sad to see they closed but yeah, it was probably for the reason you said it was.