OOP-Out of Pocket
B1G1- Buy 1 Get 1 free
RR-  Register Reward
MFR- Manufacturer
Q-  coupon
YMMV- Your mileage may vary

Can I use more than 1 coupon per item?
  • Most stores allow 1 manufacturer coupon and 1 store coupon to be used on 1 item.  You cannot use 2 manufacturer or 2 store coupons on 1 item which is called stacking.
What does the per transaction/purchase mean?
  • Per purchase is 1 coupon per item; Per transaction is 1 coupon per entire transaction.  To get around per transaction, most places will let you do multiple transactions but some coupons say per household.  This means you can only use 1 coupon only, no multiple transactions or letting your spouse buy the item also. 
What are Register Rewards and how do they work?
  • Register Rewards are Manufacturer coupons from Walgreens that print out at the end of qualifying purchases that are to be used on next transaction.  Ex. Buy 2 certain products get $5RR.  Since they are Manufacturer coupons, you can not use a RR and another manufacturer coupon on 1 item, but you can buy a "filler" item.  What this means is another random cheaply priced item.  The reason for this is because at Walgreens you have to have as many items as you do manufacturer coupons.  So if you have a RR and you buy productA and use a $2 manufacturer coupon, you will not be able to use the RR.  In order to use it, add a cheap item like gum to the transaction
What is doubling coupons and how do you do it?
  • Doubling coupons is NOT the same as stacking coupons.  This is when a store takes the value of your coupon and doubles it.  They usually only double up to a certain amount and have can have restrictions such as no doubling cigarette coupons.  Some stores even triple coupons also.  The only way to do this is to find out which stores follow the practice.
Can I combine a B1G1 with a $/1 coupon?
  • This question has been asked many many times and there still is no clear cut answer.  I do know for sure Walgreens will allow this and Commissaries will not.  This is a YMMV type thing though because many stores don't acknowledge this scenario in their policies.  So it kind of depends on who is working.  To ease any stress, make sure you ask ahead of time and try to get it in writing from the manager so there will be no confusion at the register.

These were the only questions I could think of off-hand so if you have any please feel free to comment below and I will answer it to the best of my ability.  Thank you!