Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Free Christmas card!

You can get a free personalized Christmas card sent to your house!  If you have it shipped anywhere else you will have to pay for the shipping.

Go HERE if you like this one

HERE for this one


Go HERE to request your free sample!

Savemore Deal

Today at SaveMore, they have Nail polish from Fabulous Nails for only $7.50.  That means FREE if you are a new customer or still have your $10 credit!  They even have that new crackle polish, which is what I'm grabbing :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last few days!

Only today and tomorrow left for the 80% off deal at!  $25 vouchers for only $2! Weekly Promo Offer 468 x 60

Quiznos coupons

You can sign up for Quiznos Q club if you want, but you can get your 4 Quiznos coupons without having to enter your info!  Just click print now and it will prompt to print before you put in your info.  If you want to get updates and further promos from Quiznos feel free to sign up though.  Go HERE!

Velveeta Amazon deal

On Amazon, they have a 10pk of Velveeta shells and cheese cups for $8.54.  That's not the deal though.  Use Subscribe & Save to save an extra 15% and the price is now $7.26 with free shipping.  That's .73 a cup and usually these are a $1 on sale at grocery stores.  As always, S&S can be cancelled after your first order :)

Another Amazon music freebie

5 free VeggieTales songs that can go with your 5 Sesame Street songs!

Free Nail Stickers

This is for a free pack of nail stickers from BornPretty.  You must first go HERE to like them and put "enter me" as a comment under that post.  Once you're done there, then go HERE to add the stickers to your cart.  The instructions on getting them free are on that page as well but in case you missed them, the code is FBLIKE.  You will give your info first, then select shipping method which is Airmail (0.00).  Next page select paypal and enter your coupon code FBLIKE.  The next page should show your total at 0.00.  If it doesn't, then double check everything and don't move on unless it shows a 0.00.  I say that because next page is PayPal.  They do this for any order, free or not and it helps to keep people from requesting extras.  You will not be charged because your total was 0.

The site is running slow, but usually I can't load the site at all when their promos first start.  It may seem like a lot to do, but it's free. 

Free cookbook

This cookbook is from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.  Typing the word blood totally kills my appetite, but this book will bring it back.  I requested this before and it arrived pretty quick and is probably the nicest cookbook I've received.  Go HERE to request yours.  Just add to your cart on the right side of the page

Eucerin lotion sample

Go HERE to take the pledge then get a sample of their Everyday Protection lotion.  If you got this sample before, like me, you won't be able to request another one

Plackers Kids with flouride

Go HERE to get a 4pk sample!

Free Amazon music

Free Amazon 5 song sampler from Sesame Street!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Free $5 Amazon credit

Go HERE, to connect your Amazon account to Twitter and get a $5 credit to Amazon Instant Video.  I did this the last time they had this going and rented Limitless for 2 nights.  It's a pretty good deal if you want to have a movie night with the family or just some me-time. 

P.S. you can go back into your Twitter account and disconnect from Amazon if you don't want your account to reman connected

Free toothpaste!

Checkout my printable coupon tab and print the coupon for Colgate Sensitive toothpaste.  Word is you can find this in the travel section at Walmart and get it free.  Plus, you can print THIS $2 off coupon for Visine and get it free/cheap in the travel section a well!

Remember to print 2! end of month!

Restaurant deals

I was really hungry haha

Reserve your breakfast entree HERE

Free appetizer with entree purchase when you sign up HERE

$10 off of $20 printable coupon HERE

free chips and queso when you sign up HERE

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cada Cabeza

Here is a new survey site I found while researching some sites.  I have joined today and already have a $20 check on the way.  
That's pretty small...sorry.  It's their email stating I'll be getting the check in 2-4 weeks.  You do have to be of Latin/Mexican descent to join the site. Once you do, in order to get $20 you have to reach 1000 points.  Well, you get points for doing their profiling surveys.  Before there only were 900 points worth so you'd have to wait for an actual survey, but I had an extra profile.  I did those then went to my control panel and traded my points in!

You can go HERE to sign up and you must say you are of Hispanic descent to qualify.

My blog is crazy

I don't know if anyone has noticed but my blog has been acting wonky.  I can barely get the page to load enough for me to log in.  I got lucky this time and wanted to let everyone know I'll probably be on the Facebook page more because of this for a little bit.  Sorry!

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Go-To sites

Hi! I figured I would just make this into a blog post because of all the links I would be putting up.  I'm going to go over the places that I sign up with to get samples and other perks.  You will by no means get rich, but it's nice to have a little extra spending money to just blow on random stuff lol.

I will say real quick to be careful of who you join and to research them.  Lots of places can offer a lot and if you fall for it and give your info it's too late to turn back.  Google the name and add things like "reviews" or "scam" after it and read what pops up. Here are some sites that you can join, that I personally use.

There are other sites that I have joined that give out samples and even full size products.  You just join and sign up when they are giving out the samples.

There are other random sites I have joined where you have to do simple tasks to get your "points" to cash in.
HitPredictor- This is a site where you hear clips of new songs and rate them.  They have sent numerous emails(not spam) offering me to rate a certain amount of songs in a certain time frame.  I've gotten at least $20 in Amazon gift cards from them in about 3 months. 
Recyclebank- On this site you can take various quizzes about being environmentally friendly for points.  You can redeem your points for various things. I've gotten 4 magazine subscriptions and 3 coupons

Crowdtap- Here they give you simple questions to answer and also ask you to rate a page they show you.  When you get the rating option, you just have to get 4 other people to rate and they will pay a $1.  I welcome your page links on my facebook page if you need help with these.  It's easier than it sounds and once you reach a balance of $10 you can cash out for an amazon gift card.  They also take a small percentage and donate it to the charity of your choice.  I've received $20 in Amazon gift cards

SwagBucks- I mentioned this site earlier because on Fridays they give etra points.  Here you get points for using their search engine or getting "swag codes."  They have other options like games, videos, and offers vut I just do the search and codes.  I've gotten a $5 Amazon gift card


I joined this site a while back totally forgot about it until last night.  I went back and updated my info and I'm glad I did because today I got invited to try out Trend Micro Titanium. 

It's internet security software and they gave me a free 1 year of usage!  I just wanted to let everyone know about this site because apparently they always have things going on to try.  Go check out the website and hopefully you can try this out as well.  One thing though is before you install make sure you don't have any other programs like it on your computer or it won't load.

It's Swagbucks Friday!

So I decided to hop on the bandwagon but I'm glad I did.  I joined Swagbucks and am coming close to getting my first gift card!  You can use Swagbucks to do searches and earn points or find codes for points.  There are so many different ways to get points you should just check it out!  Today is Mega Swagbucks days meaning they will giving out a lot today!  Also, you'll get 30 Sb just for registering.  You can check it out HERE!

New Glidden coupons

Staples coupons

$20 off HP ink purchase of $100 or more online or by phone with code 83117

Free Samples Free Samples

Groupon Deal!

Right now Groupon is having a great deal on JcPenney Portraits! This package includes:

Six single-image enhanced portrait sheets, 10”x13” or smaller
One Be Squared portrait, 10”x10” or smaller
One single-image CD
40% off additional portrait purchases
Waived sitting fees

Only $40 for a $209 value!
Click HERE to check it out!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Free sample of Purple Tiger energy pill HERE
I remember looking at this sample before and they were asking for 2.50 for shipping and handling due to so many sample requests.  Not anymore though!  I guess the hype died down and they took that down

Arm & Hammer coupons

Go HERE to print your coupons.  You can print these up to 2 times

New coupon

.75 off of a Zest 8 bar pack HERE

More Instant win games!

This is an addition to my IWG list fom a few weeks ago.  Has anyone won yet?

Challenge Butter IWG

Sherwin-Williams IWG

Dove Visible Care IWG

Free $10!

I'm reposting this as an update.  I wanted to make sure this was legit ad it sure is.  First you will want to go HERE to sign up for a serve account.  It's like WePay if you signed up for that a while back.  Then you will want to go HERE
Here you will be asked a random trivia question.  If you get it wrong, don't worry, you'll have another chance.  Once you get one right, it will ask for your email.  Use the same one you used to sign up for Serve with and in the next day or so you will get a pending transaction for $10 in your account!  Once it's there you will have 7 days to accept it.  You can either link a bank account and have it sent there or if you give the last 4 of your social they will send a card that you can use to buy something anywhere American Express is accepted.


Go HERE to request your sample of Olay Professional Pro-X


If you haven't checked out Savingstar yet, then you definitely should.  It's a program that loads e-coupons on to your shopper card at select stores.  I've seen coupons for things that I already had a coupon for so I was getting double back.  How it works is that you select which coupons you want to activate on your card.  When you have purchased those items, your store sends a report to Savingstar letting them know what items you bought.  Savingstar then adds the coupon amount to your account.  Once you reach 5 dollars you can cash out!  They have so many good coupons that can be used on items you're already buying.  There are AirWick, Johnsonville, Dean's Dips, and more.  You can go HERE to see their whole selection and sign up (it's free!).

Puppy Chow coupon

If you sign up HERE for Puppy Chow's Healthy Start program you will get an email for $2 off any Purina Puppy Chow! Deal

It's back!  If you missed the last one, well you've gotten your second chance.  Starting today through the 31st this month, when you use the code TASTY you will get an additional 80% off!  This means that most $25 vouchers that cost $10, now only cost $2!  You can check it out by clicking the pic down below

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My night with Outback

So was there a trick to this thing?  It seemed practically impossible to get this free steak.  Actually is WAS impossible.  I sat here patiently waiting for the countdown to go to zero and when it did, I entered my zip code and selected the only Outback in town.  I entered my info and clicked to submit.  I was impressed at this moment how smoothly everything went and figured after I got my free steak I would sign up for my dad as well.  Then this happened....
WHAT?!  I knew this was going too smoothly.  How is this possible when I just signed up now?  It's not like I signed up and while it was submitting the site crashed and I re-entered my info.  No this was a fresh entry.  So I decide to try my dad's address because I knew he knew nothing about it.  What happened?
Yes again....

So of course I check the Facebook page and it was still sitting from before the promo started with around 250 comments.  When I refresh, it's at almost 1,000 with comments just like the one I was about to make.  To make matters worse, there was a commercial advertising this deal telling even more people to come try and get this impossible steak. I continued to try for about 30 minutes....Yes, 30 minutes of my life wasted to trying to get a free steak.  If it wasn't the picture above, it was a blank error screen that I saw.  Then the kicker was when I got this...

I just this point my husband is walking around the house talking in a very bad Australian accent about free steaks.  For some reason I tried again though and didn't get the message anymore.   Only the 1 per household would pop up and say hello.  OMG another Outback commercial?...that's like the 6th one!

So how is Outback going to bounce back from this?  It's not like it didn't work because of an overload of people.  Legitimate people signing up couldn't get it because of this crazy error.  I guess we'll see once the promo is over.  To those that got it, I guess you have that magic touch.  You better enjoy that steak.  Oh and to whoever used my address to get a steak dinner....I'll find you.

Nielsen home scan

It's back! Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel is a group thgat will send you a scanner to scan your groceries with.  You earn points for the different items you scan which are redeemable for all kinds of things. They are recruiting people and it's never available for long so hurry and try to see if you qualify HERE!  Let me know if you make it in!