Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Saving money tip #1

I know it's really late to do a random post like this, but I think any time is a good post when it's about saving money.  Plus I have mommy brain and may forget lol..  Even though I don't work anymore, I still handle all of the finances and watch what goes in and out of our bank account.  Yet so often do I find that the amount of money I expected to go out is still less than the actual.  The culprit?  All the little small things...that soda from the gas station for $1, the atm fee for $2, the fast food from the other day.  We never think about all those small purchases we make because each one is only a few dollars, but it really adds up!  I saw this once a long time ago (I was in high school lol) in a magazine that said for one week to write down everytime you spend a couple of dollars on something extra.  You should really try doing that because at the end of the week you'll be very surprised.  Just think how much you're spending in a whole month!  That money could be going to a bill or a savings account to gather interest!

For us couponers especially, a couple of dollars here and there can make a big difference.  So I challenge you to do the exercise above and let me know how you did.  Then the next week actively think about your spending and where your money is disappearing to.  Start packing lunches in reusable sacks.  Go to your bank to withdraw money or use a bank that refunds atm fees.  Do whatever you can to stop throwing away money.  If you have any other tips on plugging these money leaks, please comment below!

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