Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday To-Do List

1. Go to Walgreens to get what you can before the sale ends tonight. I.E. Grabbing the New Renew Life Omega Smart Super Krill Oil ($10), using the $2 printable, and getting a $10 RR.  $2 Moneymaker!  Do the same for you other local stores that have sales ending today.

2.  Get your coupons ready for the new sales that start tomorrow.  You can watch my poorly done (lol) video on $1 and under deals at Walgreens HERE.  You can also check out the new coupons coming out on Sunday, HERE

3. Since it's Saturday, you may be tempted to eat out.  Well I'm going to tempt you even more haha
  • Sign up HERE for the Chili's email, and get a coupon for a free chips and queso.  Plus emails always have great coupons too
  • Go HERE to get some Quiznos coupons.  $1 off a regular sub or $2 off a large.  Free chips or cookie and drink when you buy a regular sub.  Free sub when you buy a sub and drink.  2 small subs, 2 cookies or chips, and 2 regular drinks for $9.99
4. This one is for me personally, but I decided to make a cleaning schedule for myself and today is clean outside the house day.  It will be nice to leave these walls and get from behind the computer :)

Have a Great Day!!

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