Thursday, August 25, 2011


If you haven't checked out Savingstar yet, then you definitely should.  It's a program that loads e-coupons on to your shopper card at select stores.  I've seen coupons for things that I already had a coupon for so I was getting double back.  How it works is that you select which coupons you want to activate on your card.  When you have purchased those items, your store sends a report to Savingstar letting them know what items you bought.  Savingstar then adds the coupon amount to your account.  Once you reach 5 dollars you can cash out!  They have so many good coupons that can be used on items you're already buying.  There are AirWick, Johnsonville, Dean's Dips, and more.  You can go HERE to see their whole selection and sign up (it's free!).

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