Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My night with Outback

So was there a trick to this thing?  It seemed practically impossible to get this free steak.  Actually is WAS impossible.  I sat here patiently waiting for the countdown to go to zero and when it did, I entered my zip code and selected the only Outback in town.  I entered my info and clicked to submit.  I was impressed at this moment how smoothly everything went and figured after I got my free steak I would sign up for my dad as well.  Then this happened....
WHAT?!  I knew this was going too smoothly.  How is this possible when I just signed up now?  It's not like I signed up and while it was submitting the site crashed and I re-entered my info.  No this was a fresh entry.  So I decide to try my dad's address because I knew he knew nothing about it.  What happened?
Yes again....

So of course I check the Facebook page and it was still sitting from before the promo started with around 250 comments.  When I refresh, it's at almost 1,000 with comments just like the one I was about to make.  To make matters worse, there was a commercial advertising this deal telling even more people to come try and get this impossible steak. I continued to try for about 30 minutes....Yes, 30 minutes of my life wasted to trying to get a free steak.  If it wasn't the picture above, it was a blank error screen that I saw.  Then the kicker was when I got this...

I just this point my husband is walking around the house talking in a very bad Australian accent about free steaks.  For some reason I tried again though and didn't get the message anymore.   Only the 1 per household would pop up and say hello.  OMG another Outback commercial?...that's like the 6th one!

So how is Outback going to bounce back from this?  It's not like it didn't work because of an overload of people.  Legitimate people signing up couldn't get it because of this crazy error.  I guess we'll see once the promo is over.  To those that got it, I guess you have that magic touch.  You better enjoy that steak.  Oh and to whoever used my address to get a steak dinner....I'll find you.

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