Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free $10!

I'm reposting this as an update.  I wanted to make sure this was legit ad it sure is.  First you will want to go HERE to sign up for a serve account.  It's like WePay if you signed up for that a while back.  Then you will want to go HERE
Here you will be asked a random trivia question.  If you get it wrong, don't worry, you'll have another chance.  Once you get one right, it will ask for your email.  Use the same one you used to sign up for Serve with and in the next day or so you will get a pending transaction for $10 in your account!  Once it's there you will have 7 days to accept it.  You can either link a bank account and have it sent there or if you give the last 4 of your social they will send a card that you can use to buy something anywhere American Express is accepted.

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