Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Free Nail Stickers

This is for a free pack of nail stickers from BornPretty.  You must first go HERE to like them and put "enter me" as a comment under that post.  Once you're done there, then go HERE to add the stickers to your cart.  The instructions on getting them free are on that page as well but in case you missed them, the code is FBLIKE.  You will give your info first, then select shipping method which is Airmail (0.00).  Next page select paypal and enter your coupon code FBLIKE.  The next page should show your total at 0.00.  If it doesn't, then double check everything and don't move on unless it shows a 0.00.  I say that because next page is PayPal.  They do this for any order, free or not and it helps to keep people from requesting extras.  You will not be charged because your total was 0.

The site is running slow, but usually I can't load the site at all when their promos first start.  It may seem like a lot to do, but it's free. 

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