Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Homeland matchup 10/19-25

Here's a matchup found on WeUseCoupons, thanks to Babesh in THIS forum.  Go by and tell her thanks!  Many of these deals can also be found at CountryMart.

Dole Classic Iceberg Salad Blend 12oz 10/$10
-Use $1/1 from Homeland Care Coupon Book
Final Cost: Free/1

Pillsbury Grands!, Crescent or Cinnamon Rolls, Grands Jr. 10/$10
-Use $0.40/2 (Grands or Grands Jr.)=$1.20/2
-Use $1/2 (Grands or Grands Jr)=Free/2 (If doubles)
-Use $0.40/2 Sweet Rolls=$1.20/2

Tony's Crispy Crust Pizza 10/$10
*Still cheaper than pizzas normally are*

Nestle Carnation Evaporated Milk 12oz 10/$10
-Use $0.50/2
Final Price:$1.00/2

Campbell's Microwave Soups at Hand or Bowls 10/$10
-Use $0.50/2 from 9/11 SS (Expires 10/23)
Final Price: $1.00/2

Colgate Toothpaste 6.4oz 10/$10
-Use $0.50/1 from 10/2 SS (Expires 10/22)
Final Price: Free/1

Green Giant Box Vegetables 10/$10
-Use $0.60/3 from 9/11 GM
Final Price: $1.80/3

Mars Fun Size M&Ms, Snickers, Three Musketeers, Milky Way, or Twix $2.79
-Use $1.50/3 from 10/9 RP=$6.87/3
-Use $1.50/1 from All You Oct Issue=$1.29

Hershey's Snack Size Halloween Candy 10.5-22oz $2.79
-Use $1/3 =$6.37/3
-Use $1.50/3 from 10/16 SS=$6.87/3

Nestle Butterfinger, Baby Ruth, or Crunch Fun Size 11.5-12.5oz $2.79
-Use $1/2 from 10/16 RP
Final Price:$3.58/2

Tyson Bag Steak or Chick-N-Quick $5.99
-Use $1/1 Chicken Nuggets from 8/21 SS (The picture in the ad shows the chicken nugget bag)
Final Price: $3.99/1

Borden Cheese Singles 12oz $1.99
-Use $1/3 from Homeland Coupon Book
Final Price: $3.97/3

Old Orchard Orange or Grape 100% Juice 12oz $1.59
-Use $1/4
Final Price: $4.36/4

Egg Land's Best Large or Extra Large Eggs dozen $1.99
-Use $0.50/1 from 10/2 SS
Final Price: $0.99/1

Shedd's Spread Country Crock 45oz $3.59
-Use $0.40/1 (Only on Original)
Final Price:$2.79/1

Colgate Spearmint or Whitening Cool Mint Wisp 4ct $1.89
-Use $0.50/1 from 10/2 SS
Final Price: $0.89/1

Zicam Cold Relief Oral Mist, Quick Dissolve Cherry or Vitamin C tablets or Zavors Chews $8.29
-Use $2/1
Final Price:$6.29/1

Gillette Body Wash or Deodorant $2.99
-Use $2/1 Body wash from 10/2 RP
-Use $2/1 Deodorant from 10/2 RP
Final Price: $0.99/1

Dove or Degree Deodorant, Hair Care, or Body Mist $2.99
-Use BOGO Free Dove Shampoo from 10/2 RP=$2.99/2
-Use $0.75/1 Dove Deodorant or Body Mist from 10/2 RP=$1.49/1

Planters Bug Nut Bars or Nabisco 100-Calorie Delight Bars 2/$4
-Use $0.75/1 Planters Bars from 9/18 SS
Final Price:$1.25/1

Hunt's Flavored Diced Tomatoes 14.5 oz $0.89
-Use $0.45/3 from 10/2 SS
Final Price:$1.77/3

Sunshine Cheez-It 2/$6
-Use $1/2 from 9/18 RP
Final Price: $4/2 (Cheaper than Wal-mart)

Keebler Sandies 2/$6
-Use $0.55/2 Keebler Cookies from 9/18 RP
Final Price:$4.90/2

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