Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Huggies Slip-on Diapers Review

So if you have a little one and also coupon, then I'm sure you may have tried these diapers.  I definitely stocked up on them when they went on sale at Walgreens about a month ago.  I will say I'm only using them now because I don't want to waste them.
I am a Pampers Swaddlers mom.  I love how soft they are and never have problems with them.  I figured since there was such a great deal on these I should try them out.  I got the size 3 since my son at the time was about 16 pounds.  The sizing on the package says the 3 is for a 16 to 28 pound baby so I figured these will be a tad large on him.  Imagine my surprise when they seemed a little small and I had to make sure his little butt was covered to prevent any blowouts. 
That's still not that major of a problem, since it can be solved by buying larger diapers.  I do have an issue with the whole purpose of these diapers.  They are meant for those squirmy babies that can't sit still for a diaper change so you can just slip these on.  My baby actually stays pretty still for changes but likes to kick his legs back and forth.  Just this little movement made it near impossible to put these on these first few times.  Once I got one leg in, the other would slip out.  After thinking it through, I just put my hands through the leg holes, and grabbed his legs and pulled the diaper on him.  Then I had to stand him up to pull it up the rest of the way.  My husband, who was totally confused when I told him what to do, decided it was easier to just undo the diaper and put it on like a normal one haha.
Then, I had the final straw when I saw that my son was getting a rash all over.  Now, he NEVER got a rash while wearing his Swaddlers.  The tube of diaper cream we got while I was still pregnant is still full because we never had to use it until these diapers.  Once I changed back to his old diapers, the rash went away. 
So if you are thinking about using these diapers, I have a few pointers.  Get a larger size.  If you already use Huggies, then try these but not if your baby is used to the softness of Swaddlers.  I would suggest these for kids that can already stand on their own and step into these.  If your baby can't yet, then the whole purpose of the diaper is useless and makes them even more difficult to use.
I may try them again when my son get older as an alternative to Pull-ups but until he gets that old, I'm sticking with my Pampers.

Hope you found my first review helpful!  Let me know what you think about these diapers, as I'm sure there are lots of different opinions out there.  If you have any thing you'd like for me to review or give my honest opinion on, please let me know!

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