Friday, October 21, 2011

Topic Preview!

I just got inspired!  Tomorrow I'm going to be typing up a post on how much you coupon "by the book."  This may go against the grain, but lately I've been irked by how quickly people are critizing others.  One example is the CoverGirl $8/2 coveted coupon and what products qualify for it's use.  We've heard different things from CoverGirl from anything that goes on your face to only foundation, blush, concealer, and powder.  I've read so many times where someone said they used it on eyeshadow and then treated like they had leprosy, because apparently Covergirl said only the foundation type products were acceptable.  If this is so and they're commiting coupon fraud like you say then why are so many people STILL able to call customer service and get both answers? 

People are so quick to throw the phrase "coupon fraud" towards people.  So tomorrow I'll touch on a couple other topics like coupon limits and doubling.  I want to show that even the best of us make mistakes or even do things knowingly wrong but we're not criminals and shouldn't be treated as such. 

One thing that makes couponing great is the savings and the other is that it's friendly fun.  Let's keep it that way!

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