Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dealicious: Lot18

Just wanted to showcase Lot18 today.  Lot18 is a site specializing in wine, gourmet foods, dishes, and now trips at discounted prices.  A while back they started doing a deal for a free $10 credit to new customers.  I signed up back then and ended up using it for a free bottle of wine during a free shipping special.  Well, last week they sent out an email to those previous customers giving a free $20 credit!  If you got it as well, there's something you can use it for that was listed today.
I definitely snagged this deal!  In combination with their free shipping going on from 4-7 EDT today, I'm getting this box totally FREE.
Update! The chocolate is now sold out!  That was fast!

If you'd like to check out Lot18 and look at all they have to offer, you can go HERE.  They are still doing the $10 credit, and have offers in all kinds of price ranges.  There was word that if you added something to your cart and left the site, a day or 2 later they will send you an email for an additional $10 credit.  It's well worth a shot!

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