Friday, October 21, 2011

Dealicious: Smiley360

So my next dealicious website is Smiley360. The whole purpose of this site is to review and talk about brands.  Once you setup your profile they will send you invitations to review items that you get to keep.  All they ask is that you share your experience and let them know how you shared and what the outcome was.
Today, I got a package on my doorstep from them so I'll give an example of how this works.  I got an email invitation a couple of weeks ago for a PAM review and was accepted.  Here is what came in my box.

1. Coupon for a FREE Hunt's canned tomatoes
2. Coupon for a FREE PAM cooking spray
3. Spatula
4. 9x13 glass Pyrex dish
5. Instructions with recipes

My objective is to make a sticky, gooey recipe using the PAM and test how well it works.  Afterwards, share my experience with anyone that will listen and give my feedback on the website.  I will also have access to share a link to a .50 off coupon! 

I plan on doing my review tonight or tomorrow and will share with everyone on here and Youtube.  I will also make sure you have access to that coupon!  They have lots of different projects going on right now, but this was the only one I've been invited to, so make sure you check it out and see waht's in store for you!



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