Friday, October 21, 2011

Are you practicing Coupon Fraud??

So I did a preview to this topic last night.  I pretty much am fed up with all these people making others feel bad for doing something against what a coupon states.  Now before you jump in the deep end, let's just get your feet wet.  I am by no means talking about blatant coupon fraud like copying coupons, using counterfeit coupons, or doing that whole "family code" thing.  If you're purposely planning trips using fraudulent means then yes, you are doing things incredibly wrong.  What I'm referring to are those small things that won't send you to jail, but others are ready to lock you up for it.
So in addition to the CoverGirl incident I talked about last night, I just recently saw a person getting scolded for not breaking down her trip and using more than 4 like P&G coupons.  She had said that she was going to do separate ones from the beginning but that the cashier told her not to worry about it and she'll just do it all at once.  I'd like your advice on this.  Was she supposed to tell the cashier no? Even so was it warranted the reaction she got of being made an example of what not to do?  The reply I saw said, to all the new couponers DO NOT COPY this.  In my eyes, if I initially made it obvious I was doing the right thing but the cashier doesn't want to do it that way, and I am getting no monetary gain from the change what's the big deal?  It's not hurting other shoppers and at that point the responsibility went onto the cashier.  So instead of yelling at the customer, yell at the cashier for practicing "coupon fraud."
I may get a lot of mixed feedback on this, but I have a feeling those that don't agree with me are like the people I'm aiming this post at.  So I'm going to end with this.  When you use coupons that state Do Not Double and take it to a store that doubles and watch the register double the coupon, what do you do?  Do you wave down the cashier to stop what she's doing and take off those extra savings because that coupon said Do Not Double?  I doubt it.  Not all restrictions on a coupon are aimed solely at the consumer.  Everyone involved in the transaction are responsible for various parts.  So if you feel like you absolutely have to place blame somewhere, make sure it's in the right direction.

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