Friday, August 5, 2011


This is a public service announcement to ALL stores.  Educate your employees on your sales flyer.  I have been to two Dollar Generals today and neither one had cashiers that were knowledgeable about the flyer ads.  I was going to take advantage of the select Kellogg's cereal for $2 on the front page of the 7/31 flyer.  On the inside, there is a blurb that states, "SAVE $3 When you buy ANY 3 Kellogg's Products With in-store coupon."   Which meant $1 cereal, so I made my way to the store.  I picked my 3 and looked around for a coupon, but couldn't find it.  When I was checking out I asked the cashier for the coupon and she told me it does it in the register.  I said oh ok and just waited for my little -3.00 to pop up after she scanned the third box.  It didn't happen.  I ask about the coupon and she tells me again it's included with the sale price.  I say no, I'm talking about the in-store COUPON.  She goes and grabs the ad and points to the ad on the front page.  So I open the flyer and show her the promo, which she didn't even know about.  She then AGAIN tells me it's in the computer.  I ask her how much the cereal is normally and she says $3.  I thought to myself well that is $3 off WYB 3 so I said nevermind even though I felt misled by the ad.  I find out later, that the cereal is actually $2.50 normally so I still was only saving $1.50.  So the cashier was wrong on top of wrong.  I figured out the regular price because I decided to try another Dollar General.  I couldn't find the coupons there either so I asked the cashier first.  He was much nicer than the first lady but again had no idea what I was talking about.  I grabbed the ad to show him and he said he didn't know so he'd ask the manager.  The manager tells me they never got the coupons. Ughghg.  Once again I left empty handed.  I did contact Dollar General after my first trip because I can't stand it when cashiers tell me things that are blatantly wrong.  I'd rather you tell me you don't know but you'll find an answer.  How can you know you're right about something when you haven't read past the first page of your stores flyer.  Another kicker to this is that today is the 5th, meaning the flyer has already been out 6 days.  I can only laugh.

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