Sunday, July 17, 2011

School Supplies

I just wanted to let everyone know that with all the school supply sales going on right now, it's an awesome time to stock up on these things.  Even if you don't have any children going to school, everyone can use paper, pens, pencils, tape, glue, and other school essentials.  Just think about it, how man time have you needed to write something down and all you can find is a used napkin and a pen with no ink haha!   I would suggest checking out all the ads and price matching at Wal-Mart if they have the same brand to save on gas.  Also, to save even more money, you can try braving the crowds during sales tax holidays if your state participates.  If your state does, then you don't have to pay tax on qualifying purchases up to a certain amount.  So make sure you take full advantage of this time and get some good necessities for yourself and even others in need!

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