Thursday, July 14, 2011

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Thought I'd let ya'll in on a secret....Surveys are awesome lol.  I just cashed in my points and got a $15 online citi card which I plan on using on Ebay for coupons :P.  Anyways,  it was quite painless to get to this point.  I've a part of quite a few survey sites in the past, and usually it seems to take forever to get anything.  I either never get offered surveys or you have to get a ridiculous amount of points to get anything.  Here, 10 points equal a dollar and I've never seen a survey below that.  Get 100 points and you can get a $50 gift certificate at, 50 points gets you a $5 amazon gift card code, 150 gets you a $15 Citi gift card and other options!  Just click the link below and give them a try and let me know what goodies you get!

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