Thursday, July 28, 2011

Printing problems

So, today I've been busy trying to figure out why my computer is not printing coupons anymore.  I've searched high and low through Google and cannot find an answer.  My problem is with  Whenever I click the print coupons button it tells me I need to install the coupon printer, which I know I have installed.  I've reinstalled it many times only to still be told I need to install it.  Not only that but when I go to print any kind of Brick coupon, I get sent to a screen with a single line of text and a box for my zip code.  If I enter my zip code it then pulls up the screen that it's being sent to the printer and that's it.  No printing, jutst the screen.  I know my printer works as I can print other things.  I've seen many possible solutions, such as changing the two little letters in the address, or using a different browser, and updating Java all to no avail.  I have sent an email and they replied having me print a test coupon which acted like it was going to print but didn't.  They also told me to do other things which I had already told them did not work.  I'm still waiting for another reply now.  Did anyone out there have the same problem and get it resolved?  Oh and I'm not on a Mac so that's not the problem either.  I hope to get this fixed soon so I don't miss out on any good printable coupons.  I will update you if I figure it out!

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