Tuesday, July 26, 2011

K-Mart disaster!

Went to Kmart to tryout their double coupon promo and I wish I didn't.  It was absolutely horrible.  Instead of typing everything over again, I'll just show you the email I sent to Kmart, stating everything that happened.  Warning:  telling stories and typing papers is one of my weak points lol so sorry if it seems to just go on forever.

"I decided to visit your store today to grab a few things because of the double coupons promotion. I am an avid couponer and take the time to make sure I use coupons correctly and within guidelines. I will say that this is one problem with Kmart as they don't have a coupon policy for everyone to see. I'm not sure how you can have a huge promotion going on but no real rules to follow other than no more than 4 like coupons in one transaction. Anyways, on to my trip. I grabbed 4 skintimate shave gels (one had a bonus razor) and 4 travel size band-aid packs. I was going to use 4 .55/1 shave gel manufacturer (mfr) coupons and 4 .50/1 any band-aid plus the store coupon for 1/1 skintimate shave gel. Well I get to check out and I ask if I need to grab 3 more store coupon books. I didn't think I should have had to but if it would have made it easier I would have. The cashier didn't understand my question somehow and didn't answer. She scanned my items then the band-aid coupons which went fine. Then the Skintimate coupons went fine until I got to the last one and she said it wouldn't scan because of the bonus razor on the one gel. I've never heard of coupons not being valid on an item because it came with a bonus free item but to keep things flowing I said don't worry about it. I'll grab another regular gel. I come back and she tells me my total. I look around for my store coupon book and it's not there. She had picked it up and put it away then says they won't work. I tell her it's a store coupon which can be combined with a mfr. She calls another employee over which says that the $1 is taken off when my rewards card is scanned which makes it .99. At this point I knew I was talking to someone that didn't know what they were talking about. I informed her all my gels rang up at the 1.99. Then she point to the screen where it says the amount of my coupons (4.20) and says that's from the rewards card. At this point I'm getting frustrated and I tell her that is from the coupons she has already scanned and the amount above it (amount saved) was from them doubling. She then moves on to say that I can't use the store coupon because the item is less than the coupon. I say I understand that I can't get overage and that the amount of the coupon has to be lowered. The cashier then scans the coupon which goes through fine......she then goes to scan it again and it beeps and says I have to buy them in separate transactions because it's one per purchase. At this point, I can't believe she even gets through the day as misinformed as she is. I tell her that's not true and she goes to grab the coupon saying it says it right there on the coupon. I then explain to her the difference between one per purchase and one per transaction. She then says she doesn't know but that there have been people up there before that took them an hour to checkout because of it. At this point I was extremely frustrated and said to just forget about everything since there was a line behind me and I left. As I walk outside, I realize why there are maybe 10 cars in the parking lot. Will not be going there until either kmart puts out a coupon policy like every other store and trains their employees about couponing basics. As much as I hate Wal-Mart, I will go there before Kmart again."

Sorry so long but yeah as I think more about it I wonder if Kmart thinks that OPP is the same as OPT.  I tried to think of why the store coupon wouldn't scan the other times and can only think that Kmart doesn't understand per purchase either. 

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