Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Commissary trip

So I decided to make a run to the Commissary today since the deals weren't really popping out for me.  I'm glad I went though because I found a wonderful deal on a great snack for lunch.  They have 3ct Red Baron mini deep dish pizzas for .89.  Use the .75/1 RB singles coupon and they're only .14!  Now you may wonder if this coupon is meant for these as they don't look like or sit with the other RB singles products that come in the black boxes.  They are in plastic wrap but are stocked in a cardboard box that they come shipped in that says Red Baron Singles.  When I checked out I had absolutely no problems with the coupons either.

If you have access to the Commissary, make sure you check out what's on sale there.  I would do a matchup but it is forbidden to post their sale prices from the web site.  The offer above is not a sale price listed on the site

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