Monday, July 18, 2011

Dove Men+ Care 6pk Soap

So I've got a pretty good deal on this soap IF your local Walgreens has everything in order.  I'm an avid reader of the forums on and I was reading a thread about this soap.  Wags has a deal going on now for Dove products being 2 for $12 and getting a $4 register reward.  If you're lucky enough to have them, in the 6/26 RP insert there is a $4/1 coupon for the men's soap.  That means your OOP is $4 then a $4RR!  Well I run down the street with coupons in hand.  Surprisingly, they're not cleaned out of the soap but when I check out and my RR doesn't print I'm slightly confused.  I asked the cashier and she says it has to be pictured in the ad, which these aren't, so I said nevermind on the soap.  The manager then comes over to void the transaction and I mention the RR and he says "Oh! No problem, I can take care of that.  We've had problems with them printing," then hands me $4.

As I've read more stories on people's trips, they either printed with no problem, didn't print but manager fixed it, or the customer just left without the RR.  So make sure you pay attention and don't feel bad questioning the cashier or manager.  Just because something doesn't work, doesn't mean it was because you were wrong.

Here's a good scenario to use to roll the rewards.
Trans. #1
2 Dove Men's+ Care 6pk $12
2 $4/1 (6/26RP) coupons
Total $4 with a $4RR

Trans. #2
2 Mitchum Deodorant $6
1 Penway 2 pocket folder $.09
2 .75/1 (6/26SS) coupons
1 $4RR
Total $.59 with a $4RR

Trans. #3
2 Dove Men's+ Care 6pk $12
1 Splash mini highlighter $.09
2 $4/1 (6/26RP) coupons
1 $4RR
Total .09 with a $4RR

Total OOP $4.68 plus another $4RR for another purchase

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