Friday, February 10, 2012

Have you tried ExpoTv?

If you have a camera and can upload videos, you need to check out ExpoTv.  Here you can earn prizes for reviewing items you already own.  Each video earns about 500 points and here are some great gift cards you can get!

$25 Amazon gift card 3000 pts
$10 CVS gift card 1200 pts
$20 Applebee's gift card 2400 pts

Those are just a taste of all the prizes you can get with your points.  You don't have to earn a gazillion points.  You can get just $5 gift cards if you want for around 600 points.  It's easy to get your videos approved as well.  As long as you show the product in the video, use it if you can, and make them at least 2 minutes you'll be great!  Plus, their Tryology program sends you free products to review from such companies like Garnier!You can go HERE to check them out!

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