Monday, February 13, 2012

Class Action Lawsuits

Have you ever noticed those commercials with a "lawyer" asking if you or anyone you know has been hurt or died using certain prescription drugs?  They then talk about how you can get financial compensation for their problems?  Well, did you know that there are claims being filed all the time for things that we deal with everyday?

A few months ago there was a lawsuit against Rice Krispies and for everyone that filed a claim received reimbursement just for buying a box.  I decided to file a claim because I knew I had purchased a box in the time frame specified and thankfully I didn't have to send proof of purchase.  Just last week I received a letter from Kellogg's with a check attached for $15.

I've been getting emails from a website that tells me about current lawsuits, but I have been ignoring it until now.  I checked it out today and saw two that I was able to claim.  If interested in checking the site out for yourself, you can go HERE

A few things you must know when filing these is that you cannot claim falsely.  There are claims that you can do that do not need a proof of purchase but will still have you swear under oath you are telling the truth.  Because of this, I highly suggest you do not file claims for every lawsuit you find.  Some claims you can file online by simply filling out a quick form and others you have to mail them.  Here are a couple that you can file online with no proof of purchase.

You will have to scroll down to where it gives info on the lawsuit and there will be a link given to file the claim.  The links below here require that you download a pdf file and send via email or snail mail, but no proof of purchase is required.

As I stated before, file these truthfully.  This is a great way to get easy money, but only if you submit claims honestly.

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