Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do you want a chance at great gift cards?

I wanted everyone to know that I have a couple of Amazon gift cards up for auction on DreamyBids.  The great thing is that you can come by and bid risk-free!  By registering and liking their face book, you will get 10 free bids.  You can join either of these auctions with your free bids.  All you have to pay is the final auction price.

If you join an auction but it isn't full, it will get pushed back 30 minutes until it is full.  Once an auction is full you will get an email notifying you it is full and when it is about to start.

Register HERE
click the take a seat button to join an auction
Once an auction starts the place bid button is what you'll be clicking.
Each bids raises the price .01 and starts at .00
You can ask in the chat for details on buy time and freeze.
If you are the last bidder when the clock runs down, you win!
You will then get an email on how to pay for your auction.

I send the gift card codes the same day you pay the final auction price.



  1. I logged in through Facebook but did not really go through a sign up process. How do I know whether or not it worked?

    1. You only can get the free bids if you register through their site then like their page. If you have any issues, you can ask there in the chat. Hope that helped!