Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SoftSoap bar soap review

So this is the third item I will be reviewing from my Influenster voxbox.  I've been checking out some other reviews for this soap on facebook, and they seem to be waaay different than my take on it.  I don't know if people are just saying it's awesome because it was free or what, but for me this bar was just ok.  I always tell ya'll I'm 100% honest with my reviews no matter what the circumstances, so here we go.

Like in my first video when I got my first impression of the soap, I didn't like the scent.  Of course this just my opinion but I didn't think it smelled like coconut.  I wasn't going to let that keep me from using it though.

The bar is a good size and includes crushed coconut extract.  I love products that include more natural products.  I've been checking out product labels so much more now ever since I had my son to stay away from too many chemicals.  I also liked that this contains jojoba oil.  This is also a mild exfoliate which is nice for getting rid of dead skin cells and showing off more radiant skin.  So on to the shower.

I just rubbed the bar on my body with it in my hand.  I don't like doing this though.  I typically use a loofah and body wash or if I have to use soap I use a hand towel.  I figured I would use it this way to get the exfoliating use out of it though.  I didn't get too much lather though and the exfoliating felt more like an annoying scratch on my skin.  Oh and by the way, the scent actually smelled better.  I still don't think it reminded me of coconut, but it was much better than m first impression.

My main issue came in at rinse time.  Just like most soaps I've used, my skin felt really dry.  I couldn't glide my hand across my skin.  Instead it would do this stop and go thing because there was no moisture added.  I washed away any and all moisture from my skin, and for me that is not a good thing.  I immediately went to my body wash to save my skin.

What  would I use this soap for?  If you happen to get grease or something really sticky that won't wash off, then use this soap.  Just like how every once in a while you may use a clarifying shampoo  to rid your hair of gunk and buildup.  I would use this only for hand soap, and follow up with a nice hand lotion, especially during these cold weather months.

If you are interested in checking out the SoftSoap line of soaps, you can go HERE.

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