Monday, December 26, 2011

imPRESS Press-On Manicure Review

This will be the second product, that I will be reviewing from my Influenster holiday voxbox.  These are temporary (up to 1 week) nails that have glue pre-applied.  You can check out their website HERE.

The nails I received were a pale pink with white flowers painted on them.  The color wasn't my favorite, but there are lots of other designs to choose from.  Since these were given to me to review, I didn't have a choice on the design.  Here is a picture from their facebook page of the design.

My review is mixed with these nails.  My first issue was just opening the bottle to get to the nails.  It took me forever to get the black top off.  Once I did, I started sizing the nails up to get them ready for application.  I found that for me the nails were fairly small.  They were short which I liked, but also narrow.  As you can see in the picture above, which isn't me, you can see they don't cover the whole nail bed.  Now this isn't going to happen to everyone, but I did have a couple of fingers that were not fully covered.  There were plenty of nails in the package but I had to use pretty much all the large sizes and I don't even have large hands.

Application was very easy though.  After wiping your nails down with the prep pad, you simply take off the plastic backing and apply.  They felt very lightweight, but kind of flimsy.  I didn't have high hopes initially that these would stay long.  I went on with my life as normal though and saw that since they were pretty short, they didn't interfere with my daily duties.  I felt the main test would be washing the dishes.  I will have to stay that I was "imPRESS"ed by their performance since not one became loose or fell off.  I was in the water long enough that my fingers even became wrinkled. 

So I mentioned at the beginning these last for up to a week.  That is with proper application of course.  At about day 5, I started to get slightly OCD with one nail on my right pointer finger, the most used finger.  It became very soft and bendable and had a snag on it.  I kept catching myself fiddling with it and next thing you know I peeled it off.  This wasn't hard to do either which can be seen as a good thing.  If you don't bother with the nails, they will stay on, but if you need them to come off sooner than normal you won't have any problems.  I ended up taking all the nails off on the 5th day.

If you are new to artificial nails, have small nail beds, or need a quick temporary look for a special occasion I will definitely reccommend these.  They have lots of solid colors and patterns to choose from to match any outfit.

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