Monday, December 26, 2011

NYC New York Color Review

If you watch my Youtube channel, you may have seen a video where I was doing quick reviews on some items from my Influenster holiday voxbox.  I said I would do more in depth reviews on here and I finally got some time to! 

I felt the first one I would do would be my absolute favorite product in the box, the NYC liquid lipshine.  I was given the the color Nude York City.  I was very glad to get this color because I've been too scared to buy any nude colors.  I always felt they would make me look sickly lol.  Well when I first applied it, I was pleasantly surprised.  It was more like a lip gloss with a slight tint.  It didn't totally cover my natural lip color, but slightly muted it. 

I love the feel and smell of the color.  When I applied it I got this scent of chocolate.  I even did a double take at the name of the color thinking it would have a chocolatey name.  The sponge tip applicator did feel slightly flimsy, but as long as you're not applying it with a lot of force it should be fine.  The color had a nice feel as well.  It wasn't overly sticky or heavy, yet wasn't really thin either.  When I was filming my video on Youtube, I applied during the first one.  I had to redo the video sooo many times because my son had other plans for me lol.  About 2 hours later, it was just then wearing away.  I know usually for glosses, they fade after about an hour if I'm lucky.

These are the colors that the Lipshine comes in.  HERE on their website the color is listed at $2.49 but I'm sure you can find this in your local Walmart or drugstore.  You can check out their other products as well from their MAIN page

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