Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So of course, since I posted the HomeLand matchup I have to go lol.  I will only be getting a few things, but I hope the Softsoap hasn't been cleared out.  I shop at CountryMart which is pretty much the same thing, so when I come back I will update this post with my savings!  Wish me luck haha

Ok so I just came back.  They had plenty of SoftSoap to choose from, too bad they were all 7.5 oz bottles.  The ad said up to 11 oz bottles but there were not even spaces for those on the shelf.

Hormel pork tenderlon
Sara Lee honey wheat bread (Q did not double)
Shedd's Spread ($1 Q doubled fully)
Sara Lee Apple Pie
2 Bar-S franks
C&H sugar
Dawn dish soap
Land O Frost wrap kit
Slow Kettle Campbell's soup
Folger's coffee
Minute Rice
***no coupons/impulse buys lol***
Dozen Donuts
Best Choice ranch dressing

Total Paid: 21.71
Amount Saved: 33.48

If I didn't buy the donuts or dressing, I would have paid $4.98 +tax less but those donuts looked really good haha!

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