Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Just an F.Y.I.

I just wanted to put this out for the few people that do read my blog haha.  Regarding the $2 off any Tide coupon and any issues you may have with this.  If you are trying to, have tried, or will be trying to use this coupon particularly at Walmart on the trial pack there will be problems.  When your coupon is scanned there will be a beep.  From this point on, you can try stating your case to the cashier, but if the cashier will not accept it and the manager will not either then you're out of luck.  Tide has made a statement that the trial size of Tide is made by a company named CottonBuds not P&G.  Therefore if a store want to refuse the use of this coupon they have the right to do so.  The coupon is meant for products distributed by P&G and since the trial size is not distributed by them, the store can refuse acceptance.  Although, if you find a store that will accept them, or should I say a cashier that will, the store WILL get reimbursed. 

I know some places are therefore saying that using this coupon knowing it's not meant for the trial size is misuse/abuse.  Now I'm not one to point fingers, so I won't say you are a fraud, but to me if the coupon is accepted then fine.  Don't hang your head in shame and hide out from the police.  The store will get paid, BUT if your cashier says no they won't take it simply say ok you can take those off.  If you try calling corporate or Tide they will simply say they don't have to take that coupon.

I found this on my fave forum WeUseCoupons.  Check it out for yourself! HERE and HERE

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