Thursday, September 8, 2011

Overage alert

If you have the 8/28 P&G insert, on the first page are coupons for Vicks Vapor rub.  They are specifically $1 off ANY one Vicks product and a $3 off ANY two Vicks products.  At Walmart, Vicks cough drops have been seen as low as 87 cents.  That's .13 overage with the $1 coupon or $1.26 overage with the $3 coupon.  This cough drop deal can also be done at Walgreens, where they are said to be a $1.  If you are using the $3 coupon there, buy 3 cough drops and get them all free. 

Great deal and a good stock up item because the weather will be changing soon so we may be experiencing some sore throats from colds!  But NO shelf clearing guys!!

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