Friday, March 2, 2012

I won something!

Haha!  I just got this email from Nuby saying I won a Facebook giveaway but I don't remember what the prize is!  Does anyone remember this giveaway?

Dear Nuby USA Facebook Fan,
Woohoo! We are excited to inform you that you are one of the Nuby USA Facebook Giveaway Winners from February 15th!
Your surprise gift will be posted to you no later than 4 business days after you submit your details. To ensure we have the correct mailing address and we send the correct product color please click the link below where you will confirm your mailing address and gender of child.   
Have friends who may also be interested in Nuby USA products? Invite them to join Nuby USA on facebook ! Membership is free.
Additionally please note that the item will not be posted using a tracked mailing service . We will not be able to track the location of your gift after it leaves the NUBY USA offices.
The Nuby USA Team


  1. I won it also!.. It was the Nuby Natural Touch Electric Breast Pump. Congrats!

  2. The blog is really cute.. I just want to give you a heads up.. Google is not going to allow GFC (Google Friend Connect) for very much longer, you might want to look into Linky followers..

  3. I got that too. Hoping it is for the breast pump, my daughter in law will be excited for sure!

  4. How cool! It mentions sending the correct product color though....I haven't know breast pumps to be color coded but I'll still hope!